As a life-long learner, research is not only a vital component of developing effective and impactful programming; it also serves as a playground for people like me--"over-thinkers"--to create deeper understandings of the world around us. As an academic, I have been engaged in active qualitative research: interviewing subjects; transcription; and thematic analysis through several modalities. I have also begun to contribute to the literary body of academic literature--primarily in Peace and Conflict Studies, artistic process and educational reform--through book reviews and peer-reviews. As I move forward, I will continue to expand my theoretical research methodologies and make notable progress in continuing to develop integrated peace studies in arts-based settings.


I am a life-long learner which has contributed to building my own capacity for transformation and constructive contributions in my personal, community and professional lives--and all the applicable intersections. As I have done this, I have seen my knowledge-base become a function of how organizations can build capacity, professionals can achieve in the workplace and we can grow our communities.


For many of us, the next steps are foundational to further and future success. With that in mind, this area focuses on upcoming projects and training; projects I'd love to work on; and ideas I am working on bringing into our shared reality.

As I've learned from authors like Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou, dreams set with these intentions can, and often do, become real.