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Community is built upon relationships. Fostering connections is a pivotal part of creating our vision.


Our vision leads to collaboration, an integral skill and process within any community.


Next steps are part of every journey: our next project, our upcoming works, our aspirations.

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Some colleagues, friends and community share their thoughts:
Robin Gee, Headshot

Robin Gee

Associate Professor, UNCG School of Dance; Artistic Director, Sugarfoote Productions

He is a thoughtful artist and his work positions him to be a voice in the larger discourse on race and identity among contemporary artists. His work can easily be situated amongst the next wave of artists who seek to bring voice to the experiences of the disenfranchised and the disinherited, tactfully traversing these issues with grace and power.

Les Mis Jr. (2012)

Daniel Morrison

currently studies Musical Theatre at Catawba College; Javert, Community Theatre of Greensboro, 2012

I've always looked back fondly on our production of Les Miserables at CTG. I love the show itself, and the collaborative and academic and sometimes a bit experimental atmosphere that was created through the rehearsal process has, I think, shaped a lot of how I like to approach shows.

Jeff Aguiar and Lori Mahl in As You Like It (2012)

Lori Mahl

Professional actor and Fieldwork Director (Schireson Associates)

He is incredibly passionate about his work; but the extra you get with Jeff are leadership skills- integrity, wisdom and problem-solving expertise. This, combined with the kind of experiential knowledge one can only attain over time, is a winning combo.

Mikaela Saccoccio Headshot

Mikaela Saccoccio

Professional Actor and current Fundraising Events Coordinator (The Humane League)

Jeff and I worked on our first play together in 2012 and it was a defining moment in my post-college career. He taught me how to give and receive feedback in a positive, constructive way. He teaches by example and has inspired me with his hard work, mindfulness, self-discipline, leadership, and playfulness. Jeff's a dream collaborator and an asset to every project he touches.

Tom Nevels Headshot

Tom Nevels

Former Theatre Educator, current Professional Development Manager (A+ Schools)

I've known Jeff since we studied together at UNCG. Since that time, his career and involvement in the larger theatre community has always been of interest and admiration. Jeff holds himself to a high professional standard and leads by example. His experience shows his dedication to producing work that is artistically innovative, culturally relevant, and impeccably managed. Jeff is a welcome to any theatre endeavor, on both sides of the curtain.

David Sitler Headshot

David Sitler

Professional Actor, Former Actors' Equity Association Councillor

Jeff has such an amazing array of life experiences from artist, teacher, administrator, to name a few. From this experience he has shown he can negotiate and make the best of all the curveballs life has thrown him and find what is next. He tackles everything he does with passion, detail and care and a sense of fair play, play and generosity of spirit.

Jeff loves the theatre and every aspect of our art form.

Kamilah Bush Headshot

Kamilah Bush

Outgoing Artistic Intern (Triad Stage); incoming Artistic Associate (Asolo Rep)

He is always looking for what is right and good in people, in a situation, in a collaboration...across all fronts...it's something that you can't teach. I think it's an innate thing about him.

Kerri Lowe Headshot

Kerri Lowe

Life Coach and Independent Artist

He is fearless while also being sensitive and wise. I really trust Jeff and his theatre work and his vision for theatre to push boundaries, to tell truths, even if they're uncomfortable.

Julie and Jeff candid

Julie Oliver

Professional Actor and Educator

Jeff is a whole lot of fun to work with, and frankly, I think that's really important.

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