Much Ado About Nothing with bare theatre of Raleigh, NC was a grand adventure! The company produces unabridged version of Shakespeare's works, relishing in the gift of the language as an art form as much as any other element of production value. This production ran nearly 3 hours, with words tumbling out of everyone's mouths...except for the clowns, of course.

What I enjoyed the most about this production was the work itself. The company was comprised of volunteers on and off-stage; bare did not have a physical space, saving on overhead, but creating additional challenges downline; and we all wanted to share the story of these characters we'd enjoyed building. It was a special challenge to keep the words fresh and the language real while trying to navigate the relationship between Benedick and Beatrice; sometimes the prevailing trend of cutting Shakespeare down to more contemporary running times can be useful! In that regard, bare theatre presents a unique experience for performers, new and seasoned, alike.

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Much Ado About Nothing, Bare Theatre