Working with people has always been an important part of my life. From being a K-12 classroom educator to an on-the-job mentor and manager, an adjunct instructor to teaching artist, the transformative power of knowledge and experience is foundational to building community, exploring peace and finding justice. These principles shape my pedagogy, teaching and engagement philosophies as well as guide my strategies while working with groups and individuals.


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I have worked with diverse populations to bring ideas to fruition. An important component of community organizing work is being able to effectively and consistently maintain environments conducive to development; while this looks different according to specific goals or projects, I maintain an eye on big picture ideas and concepts. My previous work experiences across multiple sectors provides a multitude of examples, including working with individuals to actualize artistic educational products to working with playwrights as they develop scripts. In every experience, I have been able to successfully navigate the balance between nurturing creativity and critical analysis.


The benefit of my extensive performance experience, both onstage and on camera, provides me a wealth of opportunities to present information to audiences including stakeholders. The samples included here illustrate the preparation and paper execution of presentations that sometimes include animations, sounds and other media. My approach is generally to appeal to a wide range of engagement and learning styles. In honoring that diversity, I work diligently to meet people where they are and ensure the journey--into rehearsal, development of a new work, a new project, the next shift--happens, looking forward to where we land!