Enron, Burning Coal Theatre Company

Enron; Burning Coal Theatre

Burning Coal's 15th season opener, Enron, by Lucy Prebble received its Southeastern premiere at the Raleigh-based regional theatre company. Enron is a slick, critical look at all of the moving pieces involved within the Enron financial scandal that culminated in 2001 with multiple indictments and criminal findings in association with business conduct, trading and fraud. Prebble's script captures the heady business culture during a time when the only way was up; no matter our dealings with one another and the potential impact, the idea of being fully who one is, stands inviolate against conscience. What Prebble mines in content, we find in character: that there be some way to reconcile what we do with how we are, is the tip of the iceberg.

The scene included exists in the first act, establishing the fervor of the trading floor and ultimately, how "street credit" is accruable social capital and how the "working class" stands within guidelines but pushes the boundary. My character is one of many traders, but he is quite aware of how satisfying it is to be on the floor, closing the deal and "making it rain".

RELEASE: Classical Voice of NC/Broadway World
REVIEW: Triangle Arts & Entertainment

Enron (2011)

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