Grant Writing

I have been involved in writing for quite some time, and within the past decade, have consulted on grant proposals and written some myself. In addition to this practical experience, I have formal training in grant writing through my Post-Baccalaureate in Nonprofit Management.

The first sample is an actual proposal written for a local arts company. While the proposal itself was not funded, there was interest, multiple meetings and the future of this model is promising. I served as primary contact in writing and assembling materials as well as sitting on the representative panel for the interview portion of the process. It confirmed the difficulty that newer production and development models face in the grant cycle: doing something new can be a challenge for any company. That is compounded in the current economic climate. In this instance, a catch-22 is created: funding agencies are skeptical of funding projects with high risk of sustainability without hard numbers to verify efficacy and impact and development companies are hard-pressed to expand or create programming without additional funding.

The second sample is a human services grant proposal written for coursework. This illustrates the depth of information necessary to create a logic model that could surmount some of the current pressures in grant-based fundraising. Additionally, human services fields provide more concrete metrics for the types of grant committees encountered in typical situations. Blending the qualitative with the quantitative has become a focal point of my research methodology and a key component of effective capacity building in organizational development.


Arts-based Grant
Human Services Grant

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