Arts-based Workshops

I have utilized arts-based approaches to create workshops that complement North Carolina K-12 educational standards as well as beginning to introduce integrated arts practice into more arenas; my research in Peace and Conflict Studies and Conflict Analysis and Resolution, sits at the intersection of the creative process with solving problems.

The included samples come from my participation in an arts council grant as an artist-in-residence on the second grade level. This county-wide effort included a live theatre performance, presented at a performance venue, and a follow-up workshop. As a part of the follow-up, I presented supplemental workshops for teachers who were interested in extending learning through arts-based practice as well as worked with nearly 1500 students throughout each cycle.

The participatory workshops for teachers lasted between 60 and 90 minutes, with handouts, support materials and extension experiences.

The workshop for students ranged from 30-45 minutes, in diverse groups ranging from 15 to 60 students. Activities were edited or enhanced according to specific settings, often unclear until arrival on-site. Additionally, I partnered with a local university theatre education program to provide opportunities for pre-professionals to work in the field with students.

The pedagogical approach utilized non-traditional modalities in the kinesthetic sphere along with critical reflection in experiential settings. These materials also illustrate an understanding of the balance between core curriculum needs and honoring the spirit of the grant-based partnership.

I have also included an arts-based workshop that I created as a function of my research, exploring how arts-based practice can enhance the undergraduate student experience with regards to understanding, utilizing and analyzing simulations, role-plays and scenarios employed in practical peace-building courses. This begins a larger conversation around peace education, creativity and employing democratic principles in learning spaces.

In addition to arts-based process approaches, I also create learning opportunities around arts industry and arts-based management, examining everything from being a self-employed professional to the peculiarities of the American arts sector as impacts business practice.

My workshop on finances for the working artists was commissioned by Prime Movers, a student group comprised of Dance major and minors at UNCG, as a part of an enrichment series. I also utilized this format as a guest speaker in arts administration classrooms.

I have also included an accepted conference proposal highlighting the inter-disciplinary and inter-professional value of integrating Peace and Conflict Studies with arts pedagogy and practice in classrooms.

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